I invite you to contact me regarding your training needs. I design and implement proven and custom-made programs in such areas like: Emotional Intelligence, Assertiveness, Stress Management, Train the Trainer, Effective Communication, Positive Self-Confidence in Business, Public Speaking, Customer Centricity in Selling and Customer Service. The training programs that I tailor to meet your specific needs are suited solutions and results of earlier consultation, meetings and conversations. Aiming to inspire you with how broad my specialization is, I invite you to read exemplary descriptions of my most frequently conducted trainings.


Stress Management

Stress cannot be avoided, yet it is essential to gain a sense of control over it and to realize that as far as stress in our workplace is concerned, a lot depends on us.

The workshop shows how we can turn stress into our resource, which, when consciously used, may support the achievement of goals – not only the occupational, but also the private ones. The workshop is full of specific tips, proven techniques and case studies of world renown business consultants – so that you can develop the new habits right away, implementing them wherever our stress decreases our efficiency, creativity and health.


Emotional Intelligence and Assertiveness in Practice

As Daniel Goleman said: “emotional life is a domain that, as surely as math or reading, can be handled with lesser or greater skill, and requires its unique set of competencies (…)”. The Participants of the workshop learn how to consciously manage their emotions. They can turn  the mental switch from being under the influence of difficult emotions onto the effective mental activity, including assertiveness, an ability to advocate for their standpoint.

As a result of taking part in the workshop, Participants experience the comfort of effective emotional management, which in effect influences their mood, lowers their stress level and increases self-esteem.


Effective communication of women and men in business

A woman and a man are biologically different organisms. We function differently, and very often – perceive reality in a different way as well. The workshop makes the Participants realize, how to appeal to Co-workers with regard to their gender, and how gender differences can be turned into strengths and productivity.

During the workshop we take care of the way we speak about differences – a humoristic and metaphorical approach can build better understanding and atmosphere.


Effective mind – how to increase the comfort and productivity of your work?

As Tony Buzan said, “Your brain is like a sleeping giant”.

During the workshop we discover underestimated secrets of our mind’s functioning, which influence our everyday effectiveness, engagement and productivity in the work place.

Knowing specific tools – ways of acting, will increase the ability to cope in difficult situations and under time pressure. In the same time, it will enable the Participants to enjoy good mental health and will prevent from burnout.


“Out of the box” – discover your creative self!

The workshop is an intensive and interactive training showing how leaving the conventional schemes increases the efficiency of work, helps manage difficult situations and build satisfying relationships.

We base on the knowledge on creativity and proactivity, and how to find it in yourself when the professional situation requires it. The workshop is supported by the latest findings of science and business, experiences of experts and our own.

As a result – the Participants realize how their own hidden assumptions influence the effectiveness of how they and their teams work. They can break these assumptions and are more open to upcoming changes.


Coaching and consultations

Every change begins with an inspiration, motivation and a good plan. I encourage you to contact me, I consult all business actions that require an investment in soft skills. I work with Leaders, Managers, Teams and Experts – with everyone, who can make a big step forward thanks to coaching or training experiences.

Workshops for Universities

Since 2007 I have been cooperating with the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw. I conduct tfew training specialization modules within the frame of the Psychology in English course; seminars as “The art of thinking outside the box” and “The how of happiness” and “The science of Charity”. I organize internship for future psychologists, leaders and trainers. I had the opportunity to conduct interactive developmental workshops for the University of the Third Age, as well as the Children’s University in SWPS.